Aalst is an industrial heart in a predominantly green environment. A city along a waterway that takes you past medieval villages. The Dender Valley flows into the Scheldt. The Waasland that surrounds the Scheldt, just like the Dendervallei, borders on the Pajottenland that is situated east of the city of Aalst. To the south we find the Flemish Ardennes. These are all areas where the rural character has never disappeared. Those who want to experience a city without being overwhelmed will certainly find what they are looking for in Aalst. Numerous shops, famous coffee houses, markets and so on. But those who want to explore the region are short of energy. Hiking and cycling routes in abundance, nature reserves and forests in the immediate vicinity. Tower Hotel will be happy to work with you to find out what your perfect holiday can look like. 

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The city of Aalst invites you to stay in this vibrant city. With a filled sleeping bag offered by the city you will discover the city like no other!

The carnival of Aalst is a culture shock and an experience in itself. For three days you won't see this city, but people like you wouldn't otherwise see them. Because food and drink are almost central in our culture, you will find plenty of them. 

The Pikkeling
The city of Aalst owes its origins to the agriculture that still celebrates its harvest north of the city in the Unesco recognized Pikkeling. A pikkeling is a pickled garve that lies to dry on the stubble field. At the festival, the Faluintjes, (Aalst boroughs of Baardegem, Herdersem, Meldert and Moorsel) the agricultural life of the past has been evoked every year since 1970. Especially the harvest is well represented. It is a beautiful collection of elements of agriculture, which may or may not have been lost. All kinds of activities are presented in the historical farmhouses of the region. 
The stomach is not forgotten either. Oven biscuits, tripe, grain gin and other specialities are highly recommended during the pick-meetings. There are also walks, rockets, finches, a carpet of flowers and exhibitions. At the end, the party ends with a big fire. The festival takes place every year at a different location in one of the Aalst boroughs. The exact location where the annual harvest festival takes place is mentioned well in advance on the website of the organizing committee.

For similar authentic festivals see the website: lecavzw.be.

Art and literature
In the years of industrialisation Realism arose in Aalst from the dissatisfaction with the economic situation and the way in which people become tools of the capitalist. In words, Louis Paul Boon interpreted what De Saedeleer showed in painting. Long before that we see the figure of Daens appearing, born and raised in Aalst. The city likes to turn this wealth into a lasting memory. A statue of Daens adorns the administrative gem of the city. Both Boon and De Saedeleer are immortalised in bronze. The books of the world-famous writer are revived along the walking and cycling routes. Tourism Aalst will be happy to put you on the road with plans and explanations. 

Local products
Thanks to the rural character of the region, you can still enjoy a visit to authentic breweries such as the Glass Tower and brewery De Ryck. You can taste and buy beers from the region in the neighbouring local shop: Ambarosa.

Carnival: Just before the beginning of Lent, all Aalst citizens celebrate. Highly recommended for those who want to soak up the local culture.

Pikkeling is a Unesco recognized harvest festival that takes place in July.

Cirq! Aalst is an open air festival at the end of August with attractions spread over the city with its many squares.
If you are looking for more information about the city of Aalst and the many assets that are waiting for you to be discovered, be sure to visit the website of the Tourist Office: www.aalst.be/toerisme Be sure to visit the central information point at the Hopmarkt. A 360° film about the city and its surrounding municipalities is highly recommended to immerse yourself.